We have a very good selection of 1 gallon size perennial flowers    10.00  We also have 4" perennial flowers .    5.00                        
Trees -  Pears   Honeycrisp apple  Mountain Ash  Tower poplar
               French Lilac   Advance Mayday       59.95

Small fruits    Grapes   Valiant   Beta  Minnesota-19.95

                         Josta  Berry - 20.00

                          Blueberry- Tophat   Northland  12.00

                         Cherry- Romance Series 14.00

                          Raspberries 12.00

                           Saskatoons- Northline  Smokey Isaac  Theissen 14.00

                            Strawberry Red Rhubarb 12.00

                             Goji Berry-14.00

Western Chokecherry - 12.00

Purple Sandcherry   -23.95
Roses   shrubs

About Us

Maplewood Gardens is a family owned business owned by Doug and Margaret Lyseng, “forever” residents of the village of Armena, Alberta.

Our series of popular greenhouses in our tiny village north-west of Camrose is staffed with local residents, wonderful green thumb – kind of people.

Maplewood Gardens is a popular spot for consumers from the City of Camrose and the local trade area.  We have become known as family-friendly, for excellent pricing and superb quality of product and produce.

We host one of the busiest booths and tables at the farmer’s markets, in which we attend weekly.  Be sure to buy from us at Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market year-round. You will find our herb selection impressive!